About me before Geneva .....

My name is Daria Grigorieva and I am an artist. I was born in Orsk, Russia, then with my wonderful family we moved to Moscow, where I studied at the Moscow State University of Lomonosov at the faculty of "HISTORY AND THEORY OF ART". I have always been attracted to art and psychology, so I entered the Moscow State Institute (Moscow Gestalt Institute). Once I visited Switzerland and met the beautiful city of Geneva and at that moment my heart fluttered, I fell in love.

About me in Geneva .....

A few years have passed since this day and now I live constantly in Geneva, create the beautiful things and continue to work in the direction of psychology. I entered the University of Geneva in the Faculty of Psychology and at the moment I continue my studies. My works make sense, I believe that through art we give manifestation to our Subconscious.

I play in the theater "BELOE" and enjoy every day. I am the author of articles for SUISSEPIC (media project about Switzerland). 

I provide art lessons for children and adults, as well as i do the art therapy sessions.

Welcome to my life , get know me and my works: